Hair under electron microscope

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The color of your hair is determined by the amount of distribution of a pigment called Melanin. As you age, your body produces less Melanin so your hair gradually becomes gray or white. Less Melanin equals more gray hair. But there is no need to accept this natural greying process graciously!  DO NOT PULL OUT GRAY HAIR! You may damage the follicle!


PEPPERIE works by reactivating the pigment-producing Melanin for new hair growth. PEPPERIE affects the cells for NEW hair growth only.  It is a superb blend of herbs that is as simple for you to make as a cup of tea. You simply spray the prepared PEPPERIE solution directly onto your scalp and the hair producing follicles will generate your original natural hair color instead of gray or white hair after two-three months of use.


It is amazing that only 50-60 hairs grow on an average scalp on a daily basis. The average person has approx. 100,000 hairs on their head! It therefore will take MONTHS (6-12 months for 10,000 to 20,000 new hairs) to restore your hair back to its own color and texture-regenerating your natural color and halting the gray appearance.

The growth of our hair is cyclic. It consists of a growing phase, a short transition phase,a resting phase, and re-growth phase.  Hair stops growing during the "resting" phase. During this phase the hair follicle remains " at rest" until the next growing phase. During the growing phase, the old hair is shed as new hair grows and pushes it out of the follicle. At any given time, while 85-90% of hairs are in the active phase, 10-15% will be in the resting phase and only 1% in the transition phase. The Pepperie solution conditions the hair follicle through all stages and promotes re-growth of your original colored healthy hair.So much depends on your age and condition of your hair today. The sooner you begin to spray PEPPERIE the FASTER you will see replacement hairs with your natural hair color.



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