Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much I like your product.  I have naturally
frizzy hair and have battled over the years hair that is both too dry on the end
but also oily on the scalp.  Your herbal concoction has done wonders for my
hair. It is now soft as silk, no longer oily and has gotten a lovely soft color. 
I used to dye my hair to cover gray (I am 55 years old) and always hated the
result.  I disliked the color because I thought it always looked fake and my
hair inevitably wound up damaged for months.  I had to constantly cut it
to hide the damage.  Now for the first time, I am letting it grow and I no
longer use any dyes.  My son just complimented me on my hair saying it looks so
much nicer than when I used to dye it.  I have only used your product for a
couple of months so I still have some well hidden gray hair, but I am already
noticing that the color is changing to a soft golden color.  It is lovely.  It
is the hair I always wanted to have but never could.  Thanks, thanks and thanks. 
I will be ordering very soon a new supply.

I am doing very well with the Pepperie herbal sachet. I am seeing my hair get new growths which is quite nice. I think I have fewer grays but the next few months should start showing more drastic changes. I certainly do not have new grays in places where I never had any gray in the first place which is pretty telling because usually it starts spreading to new areas.Christine (from the Chicago area)

Your results: I have been using your pepperie product now faithfully for
almost a year and will continue forever! Until last year I´ve colored my
hair for over 20 years to cover white/gray. The hair coming in was white
white when I started your product. After the first week the white wasn´t
so white and I could see dark fociles—my natural hair color was medium
brown—the color of medium brown! My hair color now is medium brown and
blond—no white! My husband noticed right away the shine and healthiness
of my hair. I get compliments every where I go—they say my hair is so
pretty!! How´s that for a 55 yr old! Thank you so much for your product.
Please keep it coming! (Linda, NC)

Excellent product love the fragrance and beautifully packaged also (Cynthia, NY.). 

Note:  Dear Peterson´s, I have been using your pepperie every day and it is truly great for me and my husband. My grays are definitely less!! I use it as a scalp tonic (as well as spraying it on my hair when I brush) after I wash my hair to give my scalp moisture. I feel it also prevents hair loss. I will keep using your product, thank you very much!! (Yoko,N.Y.)                                      

 Your product works great, I wish I knew about it a long time ago. I have an extremely fast growing, thick, full head of prematurely gray hair. It responded well, and I can´t believe the results! I also have scalp psoriasis and it is not harmed by the use of your product. I am most pleased that this product has no smell like the nasty other products that I tried years ago. I would like to reorder. (Kevin, Collinsville, IL.)

I just placed another order for your Pepperie. I think this will be
my fifth month using it. When I first started using it I was at the
beginning stages of having my hair turn gray. I try to do things naturally
and really didn´t want to color my hair and besides I liked my natural
color. The first few months I didn´t notice any big changes and wondered if
it was working, but knew it would take some time. This past month though
the changes are much more noticeable. There´s less gray coming in and what
is there is soft and a light color. Still have a few gray, but nothing to
complain about. And funny a couple months ago my daughter and husband were
joking about all the coarse grays that were springing up on my head. Now
I´m trying to get my husband hooked on it, too!
Thanks again for a great product! (Celeste )

 I took a close look at the top of my husband´s head and he has black hair growing in the gray on the sides of his head. This stuff really works. (Sharon, Elk Grove Village, IL.)

 Very easy to use No chemicals Natural Herbal extract Inexpensive (Ann from Libertyville, IL.)

 "I am doing great with your product—my hair is getting new growth and a slight bit of color—it has been almost 3 months—my hair dresser would like to talk with you" (Vickie from Waukegan, IL.)

 I have been using it for over a month and it appears to be slowing down the appearance of the gray, though I still have some gray regrowing. I will continue to use the second bag of herbs and see what results will bring. It also appears to be making my hair "stronger." (Kelly from Aydlett, NC)

Hello again. You were wondering about my hair? You might laugh! I am 52 years old with very fair skin and light reddish brown hair that is over 3 feet long. I am allergic to most hair dyes, some shampoos, sprays, etc. A few gray hairs are no biggie. But when I saw a whole lotta gray sprouting I panicked. Would I need to cut my signature hair off to accommodate ugly gray? I found your product..and tried it. It worked. I love it. Your preparation is working for me, and the color is the same as my natural (rare) color. I love your product. My hair is saved. And it is in better condition than before! Thank you for Pepperie. (Loyda, North Las Vegas, NV)

 Hello..I am glad to do business with you again. Your product is great. (Sean from Oak Ridge, NJ)

Thanks for the advice, I look forward to continuing its use. I will say that after 5 days of use two folks have already complimented my hair (one on the overall shine and style, and my fiance said she thought it felt much softer). Take care, (Paul, MN) 

 The color change is slow, but my hair has never looked better. My hair is very shiny and healthy. Pepperie makes my hair soft and manageable. I am still seeing white hairs but I notice my hair getting a little darker. I want to order more product from you. (Susan, Boone, NC)

 I have only used the product for a couple of weeks, now
but my hair is already looking much healthier! I recieved the oil that
you sent and am eager to start using it. (James, TX)



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