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Hope you are fine. About my results of the pepperie:

I have been using it for over 4 months now. In the beginning stages my hair where more gray and the results where small difference but today my gray hair are less, and the changes are more noticeable!!!. I am very glad about this and I am positive in the next months will all my gray hair disappear. When I prepare the pepperie the last time I leave the tea in the pot for 2 nights before I start using it. I have make a mistake the first months , that is I haven´t make massage onto scalp after spray my hair, but now on the last 3 weeks I have been massage my hair. I am using it every morning in dry hair before I go to work.

I am very happy your product is FANTASTIC!!

I will continue until all my gray hair disappear. Now I feel more nice to leave my long hair down with no fear.

With my best regards from Cyprus


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